Articles of interest this month


Another quick post of links of interest to a physicist working in software development

A number of articles caught my attention this past month (a mixture of articles from physics fundamentals to quantum computing to more applied concerns):

And some articles in professional magazines:

Quantum Mechanics, NASA interview, Materials Science to start the year

A layman’s guide to Quantum Mechanics:

A good interview:

Materials work on the interface of biology and physics:

It’d be good to add a little bit about the math of the pandemic, but I’ll leave that out for now.

Physics Link update

Cool things I found relating to condensed matter physics (one focus topic of my PhD — though none of these links relate that closely except for the transition temperature one) recently:

Water (related article)

Other material strangeness

A PhD Thesis

Someone close to me finished their thesis in a separate discipline in the last 1.5 years. It’s well-lauded (news came out recently about it), so I thought I would share. It is in a discipline, with which I am not that familiar, so I cannot comment that much on the content, though I had some exposure to related fields nearly 15 years ago, so it is not totally unrelated either, so it is interesting. I have not finished reading through, but I am interesting in the stochastic approach portrayed for debris transport.

Here is a Google link containing links to the thesis and related papers:

Another quick chapter

Work is still busy, but I still come across a number of articles, which could be of interest to the audience of this blog:

And for those interested in studying datascience, you could have a day and a half free access to datacamp: